Algonac Baptist Church

1003 Washington St. Algonac, MI 48001




Pastor Alan Kozlow 

Alan and Linda met as teenagers in their church youth group.

They have been married since 1976.

They have seven children and six grandchildren.

Alan has been a pastor at two churches,

And served as the executive director at a Christian camp/retreat center.



Bachelor of Science in Bible from Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, Pensylvania.

Master of Ministry - Biblical Leadership from Baptist Bible Seminary in Clarks Summit, Pensylvania.

Doctor of Ministry - Biblical Counseling from Andersonville Theological seminary in Camilla, Georgia.

Leading a church in the capacity of a pastor constitutes the highest privilege. I do not believe anything could be more honorable or have greater eternal significance than serving our Lord Jesus Christ in His church. This privilege is also the most serious responsibility a person can undertake. Fulfilling this privilege and discharging this responsibility demands a committed devotion to God’s Word. I love Jesus Christ’s church and have devoted my life to it.


Our Savior’s favorite metaphor for spiritual leadership is one that He often used of Himself was that of a shepherd. In this sense, a shepherd is a person who leads God’s flock. The word “pastor” means “shepherd”. I think that is a very appropriate image. A shepherd leads, feeds, nurtures, comforts, corrects and guards. These are responsibilities that belong to every pastor.


Shepherds are without status because the position is not supposed to be glamorous. Leadership in the church requires a blameless character, spiritual maturity, and above all, a willingness to serve humbly. This is God’s plan for leadership in the church.


I love being a pastor for a number of reasons:


1.      Preaching is the number one means God uses to dispense His grace. I have the privilege each Sunday of proclaiming God’s message to His people, a message of grace, by which God saves people and transforms their lives.

2.      I have the privilege of being consumed with study and communion with God. There is a public side of me which our church family sees, but there is a private side to me that only God knows. My private time in God’s presence is a high and holy privilege.

3.      I am directly responsible to God for the lives He has placed under my care. I watch over their souls knowing I am accountable to God.

4.      I am also accountable to the people in our church family. Everything is exposed to them, my life, my family, my personal strengths, and yes my weaknesses. I cherish that accountability. It is a constant encouragement for me to reflect Christ in everything I say and do.

5.      Being a pastor embraces all of life. I share the joy of parents over the birth of a child, as well as the pain of children over the death of a mother or father. I help celebrate at wedding, I also offer comfort at a funeral. There is an ever-present un-predictability in this calling. A new adventure can take place at any moment. It is at times like that in which I stand in the place for God ministering to people.


When I committed myself to serve God whenever and wherever He should lead me, I made a promise to Him. This thought that drives me in ministry was shared with me by my pastor.


I will always give people something to believe, and never something to just listen to.”



Pastor Alan Kozlow


2 Timothy 2:2